Morning routine daily planner

Printable morning routine daily planner with worksheets for goal setting, an hourly planner, to do lists, affirmations and a brain dump page.
Mindful Morning Routine Daily Planner - 5 printable worksheets.

About this morning routine daily planner

💖 🌝 Do you dream of moving through each day in a mindful way, fuelled
with creativity, positivity and crystal clear intentions? If so, then this
printable morning routine daily planner is EXACTLY the new tool you need in your life! 🌝 💖

⭐ This morning routine planner is comprised of 5 mindful goal planning worksheets:

☀️ Worksheet 1 ☀️  

Intention setting

Page 1 contains journal prompts to help you define your daily goals, your 'why', as well as any potential blockers, and how you may deal with those. Finally, set yourself a reward for successful completion of your daily goals. Your reward could be anything - it can be something as simple as a cup of hot cocoa with a couple of your favourite dipping cookies! ☕ 🍪 🍪

☀️ Worksheet 2 ☀️  

Daily positive affirmations & inspirational quotes

Choose a positive affirmation, plus some related supporting affirmations, to keep in mind today, to help guide you and keep you on track with your goals and desires. There is also space available to jot down encouraging daily quotes.

✨✨✨ TIP: If you need any help coming up with your daily affirmations, check out the affirmation cards section.

☀️ Worksheet 3 ☀️

Daily to do lists

There is nothing quite like a good checklist to work through and tick off, to fill yourself with a sense of making positive progress. It also massively helps on those tired days, where your brain struggles to function and keep going - a simple to do list gives you something to cling on to; an easy to follow path to at least get some things done.

There is space to set a morning rituals routine, as well as a nightly wind-down routine. Prioritize your most important tasks by placing them in the 'must do today' section. Anything else can go on the 'to do sometime' list.

☀️ Worksheet 4 ☀️

Hourly planner

Drill down to the details of the day with this hourly planner (actually, it's more of a half-hourly planner). Maybe you won't stick exactly to the plan - but having a plan means you're more likely to kind of, at least slightly stick to it.

☀️ Worksheet 5 ☀️

Scribble space

Finally there is the scribble space - a daily brain dump page for igniting your thoughts, ideas and inspirations for the day.

The worksheets are provided in PDF format and are perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper.

Why you should use these daily planner worksheets

With just a few minutes of mindful planning you will set yourself up to have a positive and progressive day! 💕 🩷 💕
Set high level intentions backed up with positive affirmations and encouraging quotes.
The hourly schedule and to do lists will enable you to drill down into the specific tasks and details of the day.
Brain dump journal page included to spark your thoughts, fuelling your day with a steady flow of inspiration.
Daily sheets to be printed out as many times as you need.

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Printable daily worksheets including intention setting journal prompts, an hourly planner, to do lists, affirmations and encouraging quotes, and brain dump space.

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