List of 80 positive affirmations

FREE Printable pdf list of 80 positive affirmations organised into 8 different themes.
FREE PDF list of 80 printable positive affirmations organised into 8 different themes, including self-love and gratitude.

About this printable affirmation list

A FREE list of 80 printable positive affirmations organised into 8 different themes:

  • self love
  • helping others
  • stress management
  • trust in yourself and the universe
  • positive energy
  • gratitude
  • the journey of life
  • a magical and miraculous world

List of 80 positive affirmations

A list of the 80 positive affirmations included in this PDF download

Self love affirmations:

  1. I love myself deeply
  2. I am loved.
  3. I deserve happiness.
  4. Every day I am feeling more and more confident to just be myself.
  5. I forgive myself for my mistakes. We all deserve a fresh start.
  6. I am worthy.
  7. I know and appreciate my own value and self worth.
  8. I am unafraid of speaking up for myself.
  9. I am always kind and gentle with myself.
  10. I always make time for myself.
  11. I am confident and capable.
  12. I treasure my uniqueness.
  13. What other people think of me doesn't matter. All that matters is what I think of myself.
  14. I am beautiful, inside and out.
  15. I prioritise taking care of myself, knowing that everything I have to give , flowers from within me.
  16. I am whole and complete.

Helping others affirmations:

  1. I choose to see the best in myself and in everyone around me.
  2. I give what I can, unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.
  3. I am here to play my part in creating a better world for all.
  4. I feel empathy and compassion for everyone in my life. I realise we are all equal, and we are all doing the best we know how.
  5. I am a strong and stable rock for people to lean on.
  6. Every day I find small ways to help other people.
  7. Whatever I give out into the world comes back to me, tenfold.
  8. I make it my daily mission to spread happiness and good vibes to everyone around me.

Stress management affirmations:

  1. I breathe out stress and I breathe in calm.
  2. When things get tough, I keep moving forward, one step at a time.
  3. I embrace challenges. Challenges help me grow stronger.
  4. I choose to see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. The more I run from my fears, the more difficult things get. When I face my problems, things get easier.
  6. When going through stressful situations in life, I focus on creating regular daily routines and habits. These help keep me grounded, at ease and moving forward.
  7. Life is easy for me when I allow it to be so.
  8. The right path is often not the easiest path. I have the courage to keep moving forward on the right path, instead of the easiest path.
  9. I have the humility to ask for help when I need it.
  10. It's OK to take a break
  11. I find balance between work time and rest time.
  12. When I feel small and powerless, I nourish myself with nature. Feeling that I am a part of something much bigger and more wondrous than myself, empowers and releases me.

Trust in yourself and the universe:

  1. I trust in the process, knowing that the results will come.
  2. I open my heart to the love of the universe.
  3. I am believing, and I am receiving.
  4. I am a spiritual being, having a human experience.
  5. When I believe in myself, others believe in me too.
  6. I always follow my heart and intuition.
  7. I trust that the universe has my back. I can relax, knowing that I will always have all of the tools and resources I need, at the times that I need them.
  8. The difference between succeeding or not, comes down to whether I believe in myself. When I have the confidence to truly believe in myself, I simply cannot fail.
  9. As long as I truly believe in myself, I can achieve absolutely anything my heart desires!
  10. I trust in the universe.
  11. I listen to my intuition over logic.
  12. When I let go of the need for control, and instead put my trust in the universe, all of the most beautiful things in life flow effortlessly to me.

Positive energy affirmations:

  1. I am in perfect alignment with all that is good and positive in the world.
  2. My energy is becoming lighter and brighter every day.
  3. My energy is balanced and flowing.
  4. I am surrounded by a protective field of light energy. Any negativity which comes my way dissolves into nothingness upon contact with my light.
  5. I surround myself with positive people. We raise each other up to the best that we can be.
  6. Love and light surrounds me, guides me and fills me with deep peace.
  7. I am doing so well.
  8. I energise myself from the inside out, knowing that my outer reality is a reflection of my inner thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

Gratitude affirmations:

  1. I see the beauty in everything around me.
  2. I take pleasure from the simple things in life.
  3. My heart is full of gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.
  4. Each night, I take a few minutes to reflect back on all of the good things that have happened throughout my day. I treasure each and every one of those positive moments, no matter how small.
  5. All that I need is the air that I breathe and an open, loving heart.
  6. I am so grateful for all that I have.
  7. I am such a lucky person.
  8. Gratitude is magnetic. Being truly thankful for all of the good in my life attracts even more good to me.

Life journey affirmations:

  1. My purpose in life is to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be.
  2. Life is a journey. Every day I am learning, growing and becoming a better version of myself.
  3. I am so proud of how far I've come.
  4. When I calm and quieten my mind, my intuition rises up and guides me in the right direction.
  5. Life is a wiggly, squiggly and meandering journey. It is normal and OK to move two steps forward then one step back.
  6. I am ready to let go of the past.
  7. I have the freedom of choice. I can choose for my life to be anything i want it to be.
  8. I choose progress over perfection.
  9. I am ready to move forward in life.
  10. My body is a compass, helping me to navigate through life. I listen carefully to all of the signals is sends me.
  11. My life is an unfinished book. I hold the pen and I intend to make this story a great one.
  12. Every day is a fresh start.

A magical and miraculous world affirmations:

  1. When I take the time to stop and look, I realise that little miracles are happening all around me, in every moment of every day.
  2. My life is miraculous.
  3. Of all the billions of people in the world there is just one me. I am unique and that is such a special thing.
  4. I have the courage to step off the beaten path and go exploring. An adventurer finds life's true treasures.

This list of 80 positive affirmations is provided in PDF format and is perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper.

How to use this affirmation list

Use this list of positive affirmations as a starting point for journaling exercises - choose an affirmation from the list and write about how this affirmation makes you feel. Do you believe in the affirmation? Does the affirmation make you feel good when you say it, or do you feel some resistance to the affirmation? If you have resistance, write about why you may feel this way: are there any events in your past which may have shaped the way you feel about this affirmation? Are there any things you could do to feel better about this affirmation?
Use this list of positive affirmations as a starting point for drawing and doodling exercises - choose an affirmation from the list and draw any images, thoughts and ideas that come to mind, relating to this affirmation.
Frame this list of positive affirmations, or pin it to your wall, to inspire and encourage you throughout your day.
Each morning, pick an affirmation from the list and keep it in mind for guidance throughout your day.

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