Printable friendship card - you're totally my bestie! (white)

Printable love and friendship card with quote, "you're totally my bestie!"
Printable fun cute sweet friendship card for best friends with quote, "you're totally my bestie!"

About this card

Let your best friend know how much you love them with this cute, printable friendship card featuring the following quote:

"You're totally my bestie!"

This fun greetings card has a picture of a sweet kitten and puppy, looking lovingly at one another, surrounded by a big heart. The perfect love and friendship card for kids, teens, or adults with a soft heart.

This card is great for gifting on valentines day or friendship day, or on any other day of the year - as every day should be a day for letting people know that you care about them. 💜

This printable friendship greeting card is provided in PDF format and is perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper. The card size is 5" x 7" inches.

Printable friendship card template - both an A4 and US Letter print template are included in this download.
Printable envelope template - both an A4 and US Letter envelope template are included in this download.

More variations of this card

This card is available in more variations. Choose the wording and background colour that most that most resonates with you.

more variations of this card are available in the friendship cards section.
For more cards check out the full printable greeting cards collection.

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If you would like to purchase just this single friendship card then head on over to the Etsy store. Alternatively, download below... 👇

A cute, fun besties greeting card with a picture of a sweet kitten and puppy in a heart. Perfect gift for a kids, teens and soft hearted adults.

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