Positive morning affirmation bookmarks

FREE printable positive affirmation bookmarks.
Positive morning affirmation bookmarks

About these printable bookmarks

A set of 16 printable positive affirmation bookmarks. These powerful morning affirmations will help you get into the right mindset for a day full of positivity, focus and success.

List of positive morning affirmations

A list of the positive morning affirmations included in this PDF download

  1. I love my life. I am grateful for everything I have.
  2. I let go of perfectionism. I stay focused and I get stuff done!
  3. I have the power within me to succeed.
  4. This is the only time I get to live today. I will cherish and make the most of every moment.
  5. I have a full day ahead of me. Let's see what I can do with it!
  6. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I choose to shine!
  7. I believe in my ability to achieve my goals.
  8. I am calm, grounded and making steady progress.
  9. I celebrate my successes every day and I quickly forgive myself for any failures. I am human after all.
  10. I am full of energy, focus and determination for the day ahead.
  11. I have more than enough time in my day for all that I need to do.
  12. I am so much more than I think I am.
  13. I allow clarity to enter my mind and I set an intention for the day ahead.
  14. I am in perfect alignment with all that is good and positive in the world.
  15. There are no limits to what I can achieve today!
  16. I push through resistance, procrastination and self-doubt, knowing that success can be mine.

How to use these affirmations

Use these positive affirmation bookmarks to keep your place whilst reading!
Spread some positivity by leaving a positive affirmation bookmark for someone else to find. For example, leave a bookmark on someone's car window, attach to a random bicycle, or post through a letterbox.
Use these positive affirmations as a starting point for journaling exercises - choose an affirmation and write about how this affirmation makes you feel. Do you believe in the affirmation? Does the affirmation make you feel good when you say it, or do you feel some resistance to the affirmation? If you have resistance, write about why you may feel this way: are there any events in your past which may have shaped the way you feel about this affirmation? Are there any things you could do to feel better about this affirmation?
Use these positive affirmations as a starting point for drawing and doodling exercises - choose an affirmation and draw any images, thoughts and ideas that come to mind, relating to this affirmation.
Stick these affirmation bookmarks on mood boards or vision boards to help inspire and motivate you.

These positive affirmation bookmarks are provided in PDF format and are perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper.

16 positive affirmation bookmarks in PDF format.

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List of positive morning affirmations
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