23 letting go affirmation cards

23 letting go affirmations. Move forward in life and let go of what no longer serves you. Self empowerment cards.
23 printable positive affirmations for letting go

About these cards

Although letting go is an incredibly hard thing to do, it is the only way in which we can move forward, making space for new and wonderful people, places and experiences to enter our lives. This set of 23 letting go affirmation cards will help you to cultivate a sense of self empowerment, letting go of past mistakes, letting go of what you cannot control, letting go of relationships and letting go of people who are no longer serving you.

Release fear and step confidently into the true power that exists - and has always existed - within you.

Affirmations list

A list of the letting go affirmations included with these cards

  1. I trust in the flow of life.
  2. I am ready to move on with my life.
  3. The moment I let go of expectations is the moment I become free.
  4. I don't know what is meant to be for me and I am OK with that.
  5. All of the changes that lie before me in life are positive ones. I am safe.
  6. I let go of the need for perfection. It is my imperfection which makes me beautiful, and human.
  7. I am independent of the thoughts and judgements of others. All that is important is what I think of myself.
  8. As I accept my ultimate powerlessness and insignificance in the universe, I am filled with a new power from within.
  9. The moment in which we feel completely defeated, hopeless and powerless in life, is the moment in which we can rise again, to become stronger and more beautiful than we ever were before.
  10. As I let go, I create room for new and wonderful people, places, experiences and opportunities to enter into my life.
  11. When I feel like all is lost, I remember that love and light is always surrounding me, waiting to guide me and show me the way home.
    I am never alone.
  12. I am not my thoughts, feelings or emotions.
  13. I am not my possessions.
  14. I forgive myself for my past mistakes. We all make mistakes and every day is a new opportunity to start again.
  15. As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others too.
  16. It is not my place to change or control anyone else in my life. Instead, I can change myself and I can lead by example.
  17. Although letting go hurts, I know and trust that things will get easier and better for me every day.
  18. The more I open myself up to feeling and accepting pain, the more quickly pain can dissolve and move through me.
  19. Life is constantly changing. Accepting change and surrendering the need to control things is the only way I can be truly free.
  20. I focus on the things I can control, and let go of the things I can’t.
  21. The present moment is all that exists, and my power lies entirely in my thoughts, feelings and actions within this present moment.
  22. I give challenging situations and emotions the time and space they need, to fully unfold. Wonderful things are on their way to me, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.
  23. This too shall pass.

These positive affirmation cards are provided in PDF format and are perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper. You can also choose between two different print layouts.

The first PDF has all 23 letting go affirmations laid out 8 per page.
The second PDF has all 23 letting go affirmations laid out 4 per page.

How to use the cards

Use these printable positive affirmation cards as journaling prompts.
Use these printable positive affirmation affirmation cards in yoga and meditation practices.
Pin the cards around your office or house to inspire and encourage you throughout your day.
Each morning, pick a card and keep it in mind for guidance throughout your day.

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A set of 23 printable positive affirmation cards for letting go and stepping into the true power within you.

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