12 spiritual coloring sheets for adults

Printable spiritual coloring sheets with one word positive quotes.
12 printable spiritual coloring sheets for adults

About these coloring pages

💚 💚 💚 Unleash your creativity and calm your mind with this set of 12 printable coloring pages. Each sheet features a unique and complex design, overlayed with simple one word positive quotes. 💚 💚 💚

Spiritual symbolism from across various religions and traditions has been woven into the designs. Expect to find the following...

The Celtic Love Knot: A combination of the traditional Celtic Knot merged with a love heart, to create a more contemporary symbol.
A dove with an olive branch: A universal symbol of peace, freedom and love.
Rod of Asclepius: From Greek mythology, a serpent associated with healing and medicine.
Heart in hands: A symbol often associated with charity and giving love.
The Maori Pikorua: A symbol of loyalty, friendship and eternal bonds between people.
Yin & Yang Symbol of balance, opposite forces that form a whole, masculine & feminine, light & dark...
12 printable coloring sheets (pages 1 to 6).
12 printable coloring sheets (pages 7 to 12).
Examples of the pages colored in.
Examples of the pages colored in.

These 12 coloring sheets are provided in a PDF format. There is one 12 page coloring book for printing on A4 paper and one book for printing on US Letter paper.

Printable PDF daily planner worksheets. Print on A4 or US Letter paper.

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Printable coloring sheets for relaxation, mindfulness and anxiety relief. Complex line art overlayed with simple one word spiritual quotes and symbolism.

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